Meet The Owner

Hello! Welcome to my business! My name is Fila. I work in corporate, I am a freelance graphic designer, and full-time student. I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design Webpage and Multimedia with a concentration in Interactive Media of Entrepreneurship, I recently completed my master’s degree in business administration and currently back in school to complete a master’s in human resource management. I have a passion for learning, empowering, teaching, and creating for my community. If there is anything you ever wanted to do in life please understand that it is never too late to accomplish a goal everything happens for a reason. Never let later become never is a mantra I have always lived by because it not only puts life into perspective, but it helps one to understand that you are not in competition with anyone else there is no such thing as a magical age where you have to get every single thing done. As long as you are working towards your goals, enjoying life, embarking on new experiences, and learning new things. Success will eventually come!

DocsApparel is a clothing and retail brand that shines a light on black culture and all of its beauty. We sell shirts, hoodies, long-sleeves, cups, pillows, and a variety of other items. DocsApparel is a business that was birthed from my desire to shine a cultural light on black culture. I wanted to make products, designs, and art that not only uplifts, but shines a light on how beautiful my culture is. When black people and kids come to my site. I want them to know that this is a place that seeks to uplift them, love them, and represent them. Black is Beautiful!